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Oil below $ 10 ? CNBC

Crude to 'go the way of whale oil': Dennis Gartman



About the Hotcat patent – Key

Key takeaways from Patent application from MFMP

[]=Project Dog Bone=[]

- Conservative COP estimate of 11.07 assessed by more acceptable means (though not independent) [0221]
- Can be run on single phase [0115]
- Steel core in this generation (may reduce magnetic exposure)
- COP increases with temperature [0163]
- Mentions catalyst but does not detail it [0048] and [1070]

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New patent November 6, 2014 – Rossi

A reactor device includes a sealed vessel defining an interior, a fuel material within the interior of the vessel, and a heating element proximal the vessel. The fuel material may be a solid including nickel and hydrogen. The sealed vessel may be sealed against gas ingress or egress and may contain no more than a trace amount of gaseous hydrogen. The sealed vessel is heated with an input amount of energy without ingress or egress of material into or out of the sealed vessel. An output amount of thermal energy exceeding the input amount of energy is received from the sealed vessel. The fuel material has a specific energy greater than that of any chemical reaction based energy source.


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Lou Pagnucco, Thanks for the tip

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Elforsk perspektiv 2 – 2014 – Translate version

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Translate version Elforsk Perspektiv English (Thx Hampus)




















































Who is involved in this meeting?


Brillouin Energy, Pekka Haavisto, American Defense 


Robert E. Godes from  Brillouin Energy


Pekka Haavisto,  previously minister of international development in Finland.


Van Hipp.  American Defense International in Norway the 3 of nov.



atu Helynen from VTT Finnish Technical Research???







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More info soon :)


















LENR Forum App – Phone

Are you tired of waiting?

The new LENR Forum App keeps you updated on your phone.

I think it's time to prepare now! Posstive or negative? We waited and waited, I get emails asking about when it might come. Rumor from many different directions and it's hard to know what to believe. I can tell you that I now have indications that it is close.

The question is, what happens when the report comes out ?














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LENR forum 2.0


Hello Friends!
As some have seen as we have renewed LENR forum. Better structure and layout.

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Strong presentation by Peter.

Strong presentation by Peter.

He talks about the progress in the field
And they incredible people we unfortunately lost.

Absolutely brilliant.


MIT – March 21- 22- 23 – Announcement of cold fusion 1989


The 2014 Cold Fusion [LANR] Colloquium at MIT

Come help us celebrate the 25 anniversary of the announcement of cold fusion
        Cold fusion = LANR (Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions) When/Where:   Fri., March 21,  Sat., Mar. 22, and Sun. Mar. 23, 2014
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA


Tentative Program:  2014 Cold Fusion Colloquium at MIT

Mitchell Swartz Our Emergent Need for a Clean, Efficient Energy Production Source
Arik El-Boher Progress Toward Understanding Anomalous Heat.
Larry Forsley Neutron and Charged Particle Spectroscopy
Frank Gordon Observations of a variety of Codeposition protocols used to prepare Cold Fusion Cathodes
Mitchell Swartz Excess Power Gain on both sides of an Avalanche Through a PdNi Nanostructured Cold Fusion Component
Tom Claytor Recent tritium production from electrically pulsed wires and foils
Yasuhiro Iwamura  D Permeation-induced Transmutation Expts using Nano-Structured Pd/CaO/Pd Multilayer Thin Film.
Vladimir Vysotskii Review of cavitation x-ray emission experiments
Peter Hagelstein Controlled Karabut experiment at SRI
Olga Dmitriyeva Using numerical simulations to better understand the Cold Fusion Environment
David Nagel Scientific and Practical Questions about Cold Fusion

Brian Ahern Nanomagnetism for Energy Production
Francesco Celani  Glass surface co-factors in the generation of anomalous effects under H2 gas at high temperatures
Nikita Alexandrov Advanced analytic and highly parallel Cold Fusion Experimentation
Pamela Mosier-Boss CR-39 Detecting Emission during  Pd/D Codeposition Cold Fusion
John Dash SEM and Energy Dispersive Spectrometer Studies of Metal Surfaces Interacting with Hydrogen Isotopes
Tadahiko Mizuno Replicable Model for Controlled Nuclear Reaction using Metal Nanoparticles.
Peter Hagelstein Model for Fractionation and Inverse Fractionation
John Wallace Relativistic quantum mechanics and Cold Fusion
George Miley Ultra-dense clusters in nanoparticles and thin films for both hot and cold fusion
Vladimir Vysotskii Observations of Biophysical Effects from Cold Fusion
Charles Beaudette Post Missouri Priorities for Cold Fusion
Nathan Cohen The Tortuous Path of Innovation and Implications for Cold Fusion in the next Decade

SATURDAY EVENING - Business Panel @ Hyatt for Registrants

Peter Hagelstein Anomalies associated with Fracture Experiments
Larry Forsley Enhanced Tc Superconductivity and Anomalous Nuclear Emissions in YBCO and Palladium
Vladimir Vysotskii Application of coherent correlated states of interacting particle for Cold Fusion Optimization
John Fisher Polyneutron theory and its application to Excess Power Generation in three types of Devices
Mitchell Swartz Successful Applications of the Deuteron Flux Equation in Cold Fusion
Robert Smith Assuring Sufficient Number Of Deuterons Reside in the Excited Band State For Successful Cold Fusion Reactor Design
Curt Brown Measurement of Anomalous Heat at High Ambient Temperatures
Clint Seward Ball Lightning and Tokamak
Carl Dietrich Flying Cars and Cold Fusion
Peter Hagelstein Landscapes in cold fusion research
Steve Katinsky Industry Association for Cold Fusion Advocacy
Thomas Grimshaw Cold Fusion Public Policy: Rational – and Urgent– Need for Change
Policy Panel (Hagelstein, Grimshaw, Karat, Katinsky, Nagel, Miley)
David French The role of the Patent Attorney in patenting Cold Fusion inventions.
IP and USPTO Panel (Swartz,Dash,French,Ahern, Miley)

      The 2014 CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT website with further information is


With the memory of March 25, 1989


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