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NIWeek 2012 : LENR as the guest star.

The annual corporate conference of National Instruments, NIWeek 2012,  prepare to be the prelude of ICCF17.
LENR theme is visibly  a strategic orientation of National Instruments, and if we can make many conjecture on their intention, it seems clear that LENR is welcome at NI, and that NI want to show that to the face of the world.
One Keynote on LENR:
TS10500 Keynote: The Quest for Alternative Energy—Anomalous Heat Effect (a.k.a. Cold Fusion)
8/7/12 (Tuesday 7th) 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM

Several labs around the world are trying to replicate the phenomenon known as “cold fusion.” While the term has evoked controversy, many research facilities have observed over 200 instances of intense heat. This demonstrates either an unknown physical event or a need for better measurement and control tools. In both cases, NI can provide the tools to accelerate innovation and scientific discovery. The Big Physics and Science Summit brings together experts to discuss these anomalous heat effects, the status of theoretical research, experimental results, and the prospect of commercializing this technology for daily energy needs.

One presentation of the research works of Takahashi(at Technova Inc) :

8/8/12 (Wednesday 8th) 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

The Kobe-Technova team has worked to elucidate the underlying physics of anomalous heat evolution effects in deuterium (D) and protium (H) gas-loaded nano-metal-compound systems. Basic tools are the twin D(H) gas-loading equipment and the supporting theoretical modeling by the TSC multibody fusion theory. Using various Pd-based and Ni-based nanofabricated samples, the team has reproducibly observed anomalous heat effects with isotopic differences using time-dependent (dynamic) data of thermal-power evolutions, D(H)/metal-atom loading ratios, and their temperature dependence (for Ni-based cases).


  • Akito Takahashi (Senior Adviser, Technova Inc.)
A session about LENR commercialization :

8/8/12 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

In the quest for alternative energy, researchers have tried to understand the intense heat release of Pd-D or Ni-H reactions. By understanding the physics behind this lower energy nuclear reaction (LENR) phenomenon, researchers can control the reaction. Discover how Brillouin Energy Corporation has demonstrated control over the reaction, who the early adopters are likely to be, the types of systems that will be commercialized, and the applications these systems will address.


  • Robert Godes (President and Chief Technology Officer Brillouin Energy Corp)
And last but not least, in Big Physics Poster session, massive attack of LENR stars and companies:
8/8/12 (Wednesday 8th) 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM

Review the technical papers, projects, and research work of scientists and engineers from different labs and commercial companies such as LNLS (Brazil), Los Alamos National Laboratory, MagiQ Technologies, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Phoenix Nuclear Labs. Learn control and instrumentation best practices through one-on-one conversations with over 15 authors.

Speakers :

  • Francesca Sarto Dr., (ENEA)
  • Vittorio Violante (ENEA Frascati Research Center)
  • Peter Hagelstein (MIT)
  • Francesco Celani (INFN)
  • Alexandros Xanthoulis (Defkalion)
  • George Xanthoulis (Defkalion)
  • James Dunn (Defkalion )
  • John Hadjichristos (Defkalion)
  • Symeon Tsalikoglou (Defkalion)
  • Andrew Hammond (MagiQ Technologies)
  • Barry Hutt
  • Cary Long
  • Casey Lamers (Controls Engineer, Phoenix Nuclear Labs)
  • Frank Gordon
  • Gene Flanagan
  • Ignazio Piacentini (ImagingLab)
  • James Pogge (Tennessee Technological University)
  • Lizarazo Juan Sebastian
  • Piyush Joshi (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • Simone Primavera (Tri Alpha Energy)
  • Tim Ziemba (Eagle Harbor Technologies)
  • Arun Veeramani (National Instruments)
  • Chad Evans (Big Physics Systems Engineer, National Instruments)
  • David Potter (National Instruments)
  • Thierry Debelle (Principal Systems Engineer, National Instruments)
Some people could reasonably criticize the lack of validated direct proof of LENR, however National Instruments behavior is the biggest proofs that I've seen, with the behavior of a not so famous Canadian-Greek economist.

When you see gulls you KNOW that there is food.

If some want to be embedded journalist, and write article for us, you are welcome...

Vibronic Energy Technologies Corp

Presentation by Dr.Brian Ahern from 2009, Vibronic Energy Technologies Corp


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Ugo Abundo 2012-07-30

New video today 2012-07-30

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Ugo Abundo

New video from Ugo Abundo. 2012-07-29


The practical school in italy with the teacher Ugo Abundo continues to make progress in replicerings of Fleischmann and Pons model from 1989th

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Dustfusion from Hungary


(Video from Jan 2012)

Dustfusion Part1

Dustfusion Part2

Dustfusion Part3

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Video presentation from Dr. Duncan


A Video presentation from Dr. Duncan, Vice-Chancellor for Research, University of Missouri

Since 1926 there have been over 200 observations of intense heat release in palladium when it is loaded well beyond its equilibrium limit with deuterium. Very careful work at two national laboratories, namely the Naval Research Laboratory in the United States, and at ENEA, the National Energy Laboratory of Italy, and at many other laboratories around the world, clearly indicate that these extreme ‘excess’ heat releases are in fact real, despite earlier claims to the contrary, and I will discuss why these experiments have proven to be so difficult to repeat. These heat releases are anomalous, since we do not yet have a clear understanding of the physical process that is responsible for these often extreme levels of heat release. These effects have been referred to as ‘cold fusion’ and ‘low-energy nuclear reactions’ in the past, but these names imply an understanding of the physical origin of these anomalous effects that in fact does not yet exist. Hence the term 'Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE'.

View this video to see Dr. Duncanc discussing a series of experiments that we are conducting within the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance at the University of Missouri that are designed to elucidate the physical mechanism that is responsible for the AHE.

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Brillouin Energy at iccf 17


Robert E. gode has informed us today that Dr. Francis Tanzella from SRI will be presenting for Brillouin Energy at iccf 17

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Confirmed: Defkalion leave Greece.

Speculated that they move parts / whole company to Vancouver

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Lenr to market

Our optimistic and cheerful friend Sterling Allan.
Often, about 3-6 minutes each week with a summary of lenr.


ICCF 17, Korea, 12-17 august


What do you buy non prescription viagra online think will come out?


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