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EU Reactor Unboxing

The EU reactor arrived earlier in the week but had to wait until a lab room had been prepared for it before unboxing. In this video you can see the care that was taken to make sure its trip across the pond was successful. This is a trial run for when we are ready to ship second generation reactors around the globe in the event of successful internal Celani replications.


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Dennis Bushnell – LENR

Start speaking about lenr at 8.22

Dennis Bushnell on Space Exploration - Audio interview

















Dr. Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center, joins us to discuss the scientific and technical challenges faced by NASA in planning future manned missions to Mars and beyond. He describes the National Space Exploration Vision, which cites human expeditions to Mars, and indicates that cost and safety are the two major obstacles faced by NASA in realizing this vision.

According to Bushnell, hexavalent chromium in martian dust, interstellar radiation, and lengthy trips in a microgravity environment damage the immune system of astronauts and increase their risk for cancer, which is caused by both radiation and chromium VI. He indicates that the best probability for minimizing these risks comes from dust-filtration research currently being undertaken at NASA as well as in finding new methods of propulsion that should shorten trip times and therefore reduce radiation & microgravity exposure by astronauts.

Bushnell describes research into launch-assist technologies such as magnetic accelerators and the space elevator that may assist future spacecraft in reaching orbit with less fuel, and describes advanced propulsion technologies such as aneutronic fusion and antiproton drives that may provide higher specific impulse. By combining these technologies along with lean ground crews to reduce NASA’s “standing army”, Bushnell suggests that not only could the cost of space travel be cut substantially but safety could be improved as well.

In addition to aneutronic fusion research, Bushnell also describes recent interest by NASA in Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), more commonly known as “Cold Fusion” as discovered by Pons and Fleischmann in 1989. According to Bushnell, experiments over the last 23 years have led to a substantial body of evidence that supports the existence of LENR effects, which he hopes may be harnessed to provide power for future spaceflight.

Bushnell also briefly describes robotic missions to Mars, and the idea of “Robots as Mankind’s Children” as proposed by Dr. Hans Morovec and popularized by Ray Kurzweil. According to Bushnell, the 21st century will be dominated by virtual telepresence, and advances in robotics may provide us with the ability to explore Mars remotely in a virtual environment so real that explorers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The only question remaining is whether robot exploration diminishes mankind’s achievement, which Bushnell doesn’t believe to be the case.

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Traces of fukushima

Interesting graph showing the traces of fukushima. How will the graph look like when LENR is completely accepted? Will the planning / deployment of new nuclear power plants to slow down or stop completely?

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Defkalion video

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Defkalion news 2012-10-19

In a post today Defkalion make a big announce:
(reformated by me a little)

As previously promised, we are attaching two files that contain a signed protocol and a preliminary report by one independent international group on our technology.

This marks the end of our first cycle of testing on our lab reactors, which lasted five months with 21 different experiments having been conducted by three different international organizations. The attached documents indicate the test results obtained by one such team.

The other two international well known testing organizations obtained equally impressive results following similar protocols while using their own instrumentation. These results, data, and full analyses by each of the three testers will be published in peer reviewed Journals as applicable by each Journal.
Names of the testers and the organizations they represent are still under strict NDAs and have therefore been removed from the attached documents. Defkalion will not disclose names.

In the attached protocol the first page represents our R&D path and our testing strategy. The test performed under this protocol can be identified under step 1.3.2, which represents the end of this section of our work in progress. Subsequent R&D steps and tests on our pre-industrial prototypes have already been scheduled by third parties (as depicted in step 2 – Hyperion Multi-Reactor Kernel Testing).

They also will soon upload small samples of the test, which have been recorded, with : "Explanation of the calorimetry and set-up" and "Triggering the reaction"

and not only the font size.

Exec Sum of Defkalion Test Review - Sept 2012

2012-09-07_Test Report Validation_Signed_No Names

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The Believers Trailer

A compelling science documentary about the story behind the controversial “discovery” of cold fusion is an official selection of the Chicago International Film Festival, playing this week!

Yes, you read that right, a SCIENCE film at an International Film Festival!

Check out the film trailer.

137 films, the Chicago based production company that created this documentary “makes films that tell the human stories behind compelling scientific discoveries, finding the poetry in the often intimidating world of theory, data and equations. With this unique approach, inspires viewers to deepen their relationship to science.”

I have written about this film previously as I had watched it in pre-screening. I found the film to be particularly enjoyable as it put a human face on how science is done and how it is an example of what happens when we share scientific findings much too soon.

Below are more details on how you can attend the world premiere of “The Believers” if you are up in the Windy City this week:

October 16, 8PM and October 20, 2pm
Chicago International Film Festival
AMC River East 21
322 E. Illinois, St
Chicago, IL 60610

Click here to buy tickets!

“More than three years in the making, The Believers is the second feature-length documentary from Chicago filmmaking group 137 Films.

The Chicago screening marks the beginning of The Believers’ festival run. Check back soon for other festival dates and locations.

137 Films is underway with attempts to find distribution for The Believers so that a worldwide audience can watch the film.

You can help! Spread the word about the film. Visit the facebook page and “Like” it. Join in the conversation. Forward the youtube or vimeo trailer. Consider supporting our organization and our efforts to promote science literacy through storytelling.”

I hope some of you will take the opportunity to watch this terrific film in a terrific city!

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Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project


Witness HUG making preparations for New Fire replication apparatus.

Since ICCF17 members of the subsequently formed Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) have been working hard to realise their primary aim, to show to the world there is a new practical primary energy source we call the New Fire.

Hunt Utilities Group have put their full weight behind the projects aims and as you can see in this video, in little more than a month, they had made great strides to deliver testable prototypes of a variation on the Celani Cell.

This video shows one of the first prototype cells being put through pressure and temperature stress testing and calibration profiling.

Please seek ways to support our replication effort so we can help light the New Fire.

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LENR Thermal Power Plant


Google translate
Prototype of a thermal co-generation fuel types LENR nickel (~ 4g) and water (0.872g) steam with a low primary energy consumption average yield of 100% maximum power Central 315Wh power consumption on the primary 230Wh in continuous operation. in this embodiment lacks a condenser for recycling the steam from the reactor. The secondary is heated to 100 ° (1l) with a heating element stainless steel 1.5kg, the reactor body produces water at 91 ° cooler 4.5l is heated to 65 °. 16h test operation without problems particular production hydrogen oxygen is water vapor no C02 no such nuclear radiation. 12 h of cooling the reactor core after the "stop" center.
To be continued ................. Thank you.
FuturProbable the power to change the world .............

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Iraj Parchamazad on LENR with Zeolites


From: http://coldfusionnow.org/iraj-parchamazad-lenr-with-zeolites/

University of LaVerne Chairman of Chemistry Dr. Iraj Parchamazad discusses his research into anomalous heat reactions using nano-palladium loaded zeolites.

He is joined by Dr. Melvin Miles, professor of chemistry, electrochemist, and Navy researcher (ret.) in this interview filmed at the University of LaVerne.

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