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Recent research has indicated that Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (sometimes called LENR or Cold Fusion) may very well be real. In fact, several small companies founded by researchers claim to be very close to having LENR devices ready to go to market.

LENR technologies - if they are real - when used on a large scale could revolutionize energy production around the world. Air pollution, the depletion of natural resources, and CO2 emissions that are said to cause global warming would be dramatically curtailed. The DOE, with its $24 billion annual budget, has neglected to investigate LENR technologies. Isn’t it time for the DOE to get out front on LENR research and let the world know if these technologies are real?









Sven kullander and Roland Petterson.

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Interesting news - written late 2012.
The report includes work by Hidetsugu Ikegami. Sven Kullander and Roland Petterson.

An interesting example from pdf 2


...13. Comparison between Chemonuclear Fusion Theory and
Bologna Experiment
Due to the lack of detailed information on the Bologna experiment, it is not possible
to compare rigorously the present prediction and the experimental results. Nevertheless,
the observation results of Bologna group seem to be suggestive some coincidences of the
prediction in Section 12 [29-33].
1) In Bologna, no 5.5 MeV gamma ray was observed as prediction i). Instead later, the
0.511 MeV annihilation gamma ray might be detected and correspond to the occurence
of the reaction Eq.(8).
2) The observed power output of the Bologna device charging some tens gram Ni and
ordinary hydrogen gas might be some kW. This is consistent with prediction ii), iii)
and iv).
3) The Bologna data on the power output is said to be gained through supplying D2-gas,
which correspond to prediction iii).
4) Corresponding to prediction ii), iii), iv) and vi), a very small percent fraction of Ni
might be transmuted into Cu during a few months continued operation of device. A
small part of annihilation gamma rays observed might be due to the positron decay
of 60Cu produced in the 58Ni(3He; p)60Cu reaction....


Ultradense nuclear fusion in metallic lithium liquid. Link to PDF

THE NATURE OF THE CHEMONUCLEAR TRANSITION. Link to pdf (Download from LENR-forum, members)

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What do you think about this project?


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The LiL Water Torch is the perfect HHO / Hydroxy / Hydrogen / Browns Gas micro torch that can be used by home hobbyist, craftsman, jewelers, plumbers, experimenters, ect.

​​With a flame that can reach thousands of degrees you can easily solder, braze, cut, weld, melt, and fuse all sorts of metals, glass, and even stones.

​​​​All-in-one design features : 7 plate(+nnnnn-) hydroxy dry cell, 2 quart water reservoir, two-stage safety gas bubbler, flashback arrestor, micro pen torch, and a high quality base with gas shut off valve. ​​

On demand hydrogen gas means that you will never need to transport or store compressed tanks of gas. Since water is used as the source of the hydrogen gas, you will only need to top the reservoir off with distilled water as needed. As long as you have electricity and water available, you also have access to the cleanest burning gas on the planet.

Burning of hydrogen gas emits no harmful fumes or compounds, in fact, the only by-product of burning hho fuel is simply, clean and pure water vapor. ​​

System can be directly installed in the trunk or interior of an automobile​​ for experimentation with mpg boosting of small engines. All components can also be easily removed from the base to be installed in the engine bay if desired.

Power requirements: 12-14.5 Volts DC @ 5-15 amperes.

​Electrical power can be derived from any 12-14.5 volt dc source including but not limited to: battery, automobile alternator, solar panel array, cb / ham radio power supply, and pc power supply. (Power supply and wiring should be rated at 250 watts or more.)

Full instruction set and electrolyte are included with the system. Distilled water and power supply are not included at this time. ​​

Dimensions of assembled unit including base: ​​18" W, 15.5" H, 8" D

​​​Gas Output: Approx. 45 Liters Per Hour @ 14.5 Volts DC @ 10.5 amperes.

Please allow up to one week for shipment.

The LiL Water Torch dry cell also features a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the plates of the unit. ​​If for any reason under the manufacturers instructions, the plates should fail or degrade, simply ship the cell back to be repaired or rebuilt free of charge. Shipping charges are not included with the warranty.​



Edmund Storm



  Dr. Edmund Storms MP3 (org)

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News regarding patent application for Piantelli.


News regarding patent application for Piantelli.

Patent update 16.01.2013


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More Celani Questions

New video from Celani

After introducing his cell at ICCF-17, Celani opens himself to the scrutiny of his peers and onlookers.

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Dr David Nagel Preview



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