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Swedish Defence


New report from the Swedish "Defence Materiel Agency". (FMV)

Today I got reply from Abraham Langlet (FMV)
A report which, according to my knowledge is not always published openly. The report is regarding nickel and hydrogen reactions.

"No abnormal heat generation could be perceived."

Abraham Langlet
Curt Edstrom
Jan Erik Nowacki

Reactions with nickel and hydrogen.PDF  (Members, download from lenr-forum)



 1. Summary

The energy situation in the world demands that all possible new energy forms should be investigated. The Swedish Defence
Materiel Administration, FMV has therefore financed some very rudimentary experiments with nickel and hydrogen, trying to experimentally reproduce the excess heating power clashed by Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi and described e.g. in the Swedish technical newspaper Ny Teknik.

Four different reactor chambers were built, in which different forms of nickel were tested in contact with hydrogen at different pressures and temperatures. Some of the nickel samples also contained other metal as "catalysts" like lithium, potassium and irons. In some of our samples the nickel was e.g In micrometer large crystal grains, In other samples the nickel was In the form of nanometer grains embedded in zirconium oxide. Contacts were taken with many active researchers in the field, including Andrea Rossi, asking for guidance to find a functioning solution. Andrea Rossi could not reveal his catalyst for us but thought that we would get a small indicative response using just pure nickel and hydrogen. He also mentioned that a hydrogen pressure of at least 200 bar and a temperature of 500 °C was necessary in order to see any effect without the catalyst. Piantelli, who is another researcher in the field has stated that  "No catalyst is necessary. The trick is In the preparation of the nickel".

Neither significant excess heats nor any radiation indicating nuclear reactions, have however been detected in our experiments. We can though not completely exclude that a reaction, resulting in a very small power output, took place.

While searching for information over the Internet we stumbled over the aneutronic reactions. They are not on the main line for research about future nuclear power, but the field could possibly be explored at a reasonable price.

One such aneutronic reaction IS e.g. lithium liquid bombarded by protons

7Li + 1p -> 2 4He + 17.35 MeV

Lord Rutherford's students Cockcrow and Walton verified experimentally such reactions in 1932 and the yield for each reaction could be 100 - 500 times more energy output than the energy input invested in the bombarding particle. The problem using lithium In its solid state was though the low probability for a nuclear reaction to occur (low CrOSS section). The same  processes, then using liquid lithium have however been claimed lo produce a much higher reaction probability . If it is large

enough fur practical nuclear energy purposes remains to be proven,

For a more common use of nuclear energy the aneutronic reactions have the advantage of not creating large amounts of

radioactive waste. Some more thoughts about this are at the end of this report (Chapter 5). If other independent researchers  cannot repeat the Focardi/Rossi


The nuclear reactor in your basement

News from Joseph Zawodny (Nasa) 2013.02.13

How would you like to replace your water heater with a nuclear reactor? That’s what Joseph Zawodny, a senior scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center, hopes to help bring about. It would tap the enormous power of the atom to provide hot water for your bath, warm air for your furnace system, and more than enough electricity to run your house and, of course, your electric car.


Joseph Zawodny holds a device with which he simultaneously conducted 48 LENR experiments, each using a different oscillation f

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Old video Jan - 2012.  Joseph Zawodny


May -2012.  Joseph Zawodny.

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DOE May Finally Fund LENR Research



News from ..


"As you know, I started a petition to attempt to get the Department of Energy (DOE) to investigate Cold Fusion, better known as LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction). I wrote:

“Few people realize the apparent huge strides that have been made in LENR (Cold Fusion) device development. (Read about it here and here.) While this has gone on the DOE has sat by doing nothing. Sometimes big bureaucracies just can’t fully figure out the key things that they should be working on. It’s a case of not seeing the forest because of all the trees. While the DOE spends billions regulating and sponsoring work related to fission reactors, oil, natural gas, wind, solar, and so on – they have neglected to even acquire a single LENR device and test it. And they have not sponsored any research for others to do this either.”

So the good news is that a few days ago the DOE, through their ARPA-E programs, is now seriously considering providing funding to Dr. George Miley for a device he claims is based on LENR. George Miley is a well respected professor who has done nuclear fusion research, and he ran the University of Illinois Fusion Lab.

This is would be a good start by the DOE, but they should do much more. They could contact all of the companies that claim to have LENR devices working and ask if they can test them. It would not be that hard. You measure the electrical input power with meters, and then you measure the net thermal energy output. Then you weigh the reactor to see if there was a weight change that could suggest a nuclear reaction took place (e-mc2 tells us that mass will be lost). And finally, you do a chemical analysis of the input fuel and the left over materials after the thermal energy production stops. If transmutation of one material into another took place, like nickel turning into copper, this should be evaluated for its implications.

The DOE spends hundreds of millions of dollars on solar cell companies, and the market potential of these devices is shaky  Why can’t the DOE spend a couple of million dollars testing claimed LENR devices and then let the world know what is going on? This is potentially save the planet kind of stuff. Jeez, I wish they would get on it."

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Main Show Only – Einstein, Physics, and the Universe


Guests: Robert Piccioni
With a PhD from Stanford, and a BS from Caltech where he studied under famous physicist Richard Feynman, Dr. Robert Piccioni discussed the life and work of Albert Einstein, as well as the Big Bang, dark matter, and cosmology. Einstein initially struggled with school and couldn't find employment. Eventually though, he landed a job, and married Maleva Maric, a physics student who helped him in his work. In 1905, as an unknown clerk, he published five extraordinary papers that revolutionized science, and changed our understanding of atoms, light, gravity, mass, space, time, and the universe, itself, said Piccioni. His discoveries, which were made without a laboratory, paved the way for the technology we see in products such as DVDs, iPods, GPS, bar code scanners, computers and many others, he added.

Picciini shared a fascinating theory about the origin of the universe from physicist Lee Smolin, who postulated a kind of "cosmological natural selection." In the event of a star collapse or black hole formation, in which matter is tightly condensed, that matter could be blown out to create a new universe, similar yet separate from its parent universe. And like living creatures, universes could adapt over time to enhance their "reproductive potential."

Piccioni touched on dark matter, the invisible and mysterious substance that holds galaxies together, yet doesn't interact with visible matter. He also spoke about efforts to launch cold fusion, a safe way to harness nuclear power for clean, abundant energy. Many such claims about cold fusion have not panned out, but an offshoot known as LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, shows promise. "I think it has a real shot, and deserves to be supported," he said.


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MIT IAP Course on LANR-CF Dr. Mitchell Swartz 1/29/2012







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Quantumheat in the news

2013.02.08 - Lakeland News at Ten

Father & Son Experiment with Cold Fusion -

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New video From 30 Nov 2012

This is a three minute video about Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs). Sam Datta-Paulin of ITN Truthloader reports on Nov. 30, 2012.