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LENR-Cars competing for Future Energy on Ultra Light Startup (ARPA-E) [Urgent: 2 days to vote]

Maybe you remember of the battle to make Lenuco (George Miley) get nominated for a Future Energy Ultra Light Startups contest. We lose but we lose "avec panache".

LENR Cars have just been selected to compete in the in the Future Energy online pitching contest organized by Ultra Light Startups.


All enthusiast about LENR should think about voting, and calling their friends to support that start-up.

LENR-Cars is a start-up focused on application of LENR for vehicles. Nicolas Chauvin have an interesting network (including the founder of Logitech, whom Nicolas worked for). He is an experienced "serial innovator".

Sure LENR-cars is not (yet?) a reactor builder like Rossi or Defkalion, but they are the symbol of an emerging class of LENR companies focused on applications. A generation of engineer trying to harness that new energy.

Beyond LENR-cars start-up, by pushing this LENR application start-up, you will push LENR into the light, with hope to have media get interested.

If any LENR start-up win the challenge I hope that it will be a media bomb, like what Elforsk Perspektiv should have been.

Not sure we will win, but sure if we don't support LENR even more than last time, the observers may consider that LENR is a dead horse. We have to do better than last time.

And if LENR-Cars miss their target, but with more votes than Miley, maybe next time Miley, LENR-cars, or another will win because of the generated momentum !

Probably you asked "What can I do to make LENR go faster". You have the answer !


EDIT: Cold Fusion now and E-cat World  have published an articles about that event.

Here is the video of LENR6cars presentation at ICCF18, published by Cold Fusion Now


Here is their project description:

Provide one sentence describing your core technology.

LENR Cars is developing two technologies to reduce carbon emission: - Waste heat recovery system producing electricity from heat based on Rankine microturbines - Condensed matter hydrogen fuel cell that can consume 4000 times less hydrogen than conventional fuel cells for the same electrical output power thanks to LENR process LENR Cars is currently focusing on the transportation market with high tech collaborations in motor racing. Rankine microturbines are expected to reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles (cars, trucks and boats) by 15% while being affordable for mass production. On a long term, condensed matter hydrogen fuel cells are expected to be able to power electric vehicles for over 20’000 km per hydrogen charge with a lower cost of ownership compared to fossil fuel vehicles.


Short description of your technology

LENR or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is a 3rd type of nuclear reaction (along with fission and fusion) based on atomic transmutations that was originally discovered in 1989 by scientists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons. It used to be called “cold fusion” at that time. LENR covers a larger field of experiments and applications than cold fusion, although that may remain the most used name to characterize these reactions. LENR has also been called LANR, Fleischmann/Pons Effect, Anomalous Heat Effect, Quantum Fusion, CECR, LENT.

LENR has been shown to be far stronger than any known chemical reaction and up to 20'000'000 times the power density of today’s combustion energy processes. The LENR technology can continually create large amounts of heat in a small sized reactor for several months using small amounts of low cost fuel and without producing any greenhouse gas like CO2, any harmful nuclear waste or any dangerous radiation.

It is an extremely clean and safe way of producing energy.

Recent developments on LENR have led to a high increase in sustained power gain since the original experiments in 1989 which used Palladium and Deuterium electrolysis. Newer LENR reactors use processed Nickel and Hydrogen gas to achieve higher power gains, which appear to now be approaching commercial power generating levels.

LENR Cars is developing a patent pending technology producing electricity with mobile LENR generators that can be used to power electric vehicles such as cars, boats, trains or airplanes in a near future.

For more information about LENR, please visit LENRweb website.


What is the key element of your technology that differentiates it from existing solutions

LENR or low energy nuclear reactions is a technology making the link between chemical and nuclear reactions. It provides energy densities much higher than any chemical reaction known. And it does not produce dangerous emission like high energy neutrons or gamma rays. No radioactive by-product is created during the process. It can be considered as a clean chemical-nuclear reaction.

Moreover, the cost to manufacture LENR cells or condensed matter hydrogen fuel cells is low. So is the hydrogen-nickel fuel used in the cells. In a decade, we expect it to be lower than fossil fuels.



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Will there be a Selendia II, to change the world again with LENR propulsion.

Recently I watched a film about the history of Rudolf Diesel death and M/S Selendia, the most famous and innovative of the first diesel propelled ship.

You can see the way Rudolf Diesel developed his engine. This man was clearly "born to be an engineer". You can also see the initial "Murphy-alaw effects", and also the tragedy of his business and end of life (Suicide because of ruin and depression, or murder because of war) .

Anyway what the Selandia show, is that using Diesel engine changed the logistic needed to transport cargo and passengers. Diesel allowed more space for cargo, and required less fuel.

You can see also that it freed the Cargo from the dependency on coal mines and coal miners.

Defkalion in Tovima articles said they reserved the "Ship propulsion" to themselves, as they are Greek!

Will LENR propulsion of cargo, sea ships cause a similar revolution to international trade, and economies ? Probably much less, since today cargo freight is quite cheap, and is one of the less consuming way to transport goods.

Anyway LENR gives advantage.

First of all the autonomy, because it have the autonomy many month, and the fuel itself is negligible. It is clear that a LENR propulsion will need only "maintenance" and not real "refueling" (which will be done during the mandatory maintenance of turbines and machines).

There will probably be a gain of space, but Diesel and turbines, today are quite compact.

One point that may cause a real surprise, is that LENR have no cost as a fuel, just as installed power. Maybe LENR will allow ships to go much faster, for a moderate increase of cost.

Maybe the revolution will not came from sea ship but from elsewhere.

Road and rail transportation will benefit from that, but fuels is not the biggest cost. However with automation of driving, and loading, maybe the huge autonomy of LENR will help a new way to transport goods on earth.

Aircrafts may be the "New Selandia", causing a new revolution in transportation.

First of all one can think of planes, propelled by LENR. But this is a really hard job, as the SUGAR project have shown. Today we anticipate LENR plane, like LENR-Cars anticipate their car : an hybrid LENR+Electric propulsion system, requiring good batteries, and very good turbines.

But beside planes, we should think about a revival of lighter-than-air aircrafts.

There have been (discussed in the forum) proposition of rigid aircrafts, able to control their floatability with ballasts, thus to carry heavy loads and land vertically.

Maybe they can be the "New Selendia". The ship who will change the world.