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Oil below $ 10 ? CNBC

Crude to 'go the way of whale oil': Dennis Gartman



About the Hotcat patent – Key

Key takeaways from Patent application from MFMP

[]=Project Dog Bone=[]

- Conservative COP estimate of 11.07 assessed by more acceptable means (though not independent) [0221]
- Can be run on single phase [0115]
- Steel core in this generation (may reduce magnetic exposure)
- COP increases with temperature [0163]
- Mentions catalyst but does not detail it [0048] and [1070]

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New patent November 6, 2014 – Rossi

A reactor device includes a sealed vessel defining an interior, a fuel material within the interior of the vessel, and a heating element proximal the vessel. The fuel material may be a solid including nickel and hydrogen. The sealed vessel may be sealed against gas ingress or egress and may contain no more than a trace amount of gaseous hydrogen. The sealed vessel is heated with an input amount of energy without ingress or egress of material into or out of the sealed vessel. An output amount of thermal energy exceeding the input amount of energy is received from the sealed vessel. The fuel material has a specific energy greater than that of any chemical reaction based energy source.


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Elforsk perspektiv 2 – 2014 – Translate version

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Translate version Elforsk Perspektiv English (Thx Hampus)




















































Who is involved in this meeting?


Brillouin Energy, Pekka Haavisto, American Defense 


Robert E. Godes from  Brillouin Energy


Pekka Haavisto,  previously minister of international development in Finland.


Van Hipp.  American Defense International in Norway the 3 of nov.



atu Helynen from VTT Finnish Technical Research???







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