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Presentation SN Andreev at the seminar 01/27/2015

LENR VNIIAES_27_01_2015_Андреев


LENR Seminar in Oslo 5. November 2014

The seminar was organized by the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences (NTVA), and Senior

Technologists Group (SET) of Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals
The aim of the seminar was to promote knowledge on progress in the field of Low Energy Nuclear
Reactions (LENR). The programme committee especially wanted the seminar to show that industrial
efforts have reached a level that necessitates a professionally competent monitoring of the entire
field of LENR. This in view of the very considerable consequences for the global energy supply and
the Norwegian economy, should the industrial efforts to develop LENR based energy sources


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Update 2015

New tests have lent more support to Cold Fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technologies, specifically Andrea Rossi's E-Cat energy device. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, recently visited ENEA in Italy to learn more and one of his PR spokespeople said that he is a believer


Bo Höistad – Radio

“we were very careful to see that nothing obscure or hidden was going on with the ash, just as a precaution. But the answer is no."