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Open letter to decision makers : Cold Fusion will change the future

In  the hope to trigger awareness about Cold Fusion and LENR I have made this Open Letter to "decision makers", like businessmen, local authorities, politicians, researchers, NGO.

It is still a draft, but it tells a story that even imperfectly written , is convincing.


Feel free to comment, correct, criticize, propose, on the forum http://www.lenrforum.eu/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=504&p=2099

there is a french version of that letter.

Consider also the slides of tyler that are convincing too.

no more time to discuss, but to work on the next world we want.

Dear madam, dear sir,

With this open letter [OpenLetter], I draw your attention to the development on what is commonly called "The Cold Fusion" and more technically called: the "LENR" (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions).

In recent years, culminating this summer, events should have made the headlines and revolutionize industrial strategies.

A multinational scientific instrumentation just crossed the Rubicon.

On August 7th and 8th 2012, the scientific instrumentation company National Instruments, dominant player in industrial and scientific labs, has crossed the Rubicon and publicly supported the Cold Fusion during its annual convention, NIWeek 2012 in Austin . The announcement culminated with a few minutes of speech by the founder of National Instruments, James Truchard [NIWeekCF]. NIWeek also saw four presentations on this topic [NIWeekCF], including a conference Keynote panel on Cold Fusion, a presentation of the results of a Japanese researcher (Takahashi), a presentation on the commercialization of this technology, and a session "posters" in research "big physics" where Cold Fusion was well represented.
Researcher, Professor Celani, also presented in the hall a demo version (transparent) of his Cold Fusion reactor , which make sensation, producing about 14Watt heat for several days, with a fraction of a gram of treated constantan wire [NIWeekCelani].

This conference is the culmination of various positions of Director of "Big Physics" Applications, Stefano Concezzi. In a conference in Brussels and Rome [NIConcezzi], he presented the validation work launched by National Instruments on Cold Fusion, distributed to 10 teams confirmed the phenomenon.

It should be noted that the Working Conference in Brussels followed a report on the research track in materials science, proposed by various experts to the European Commission [EUReport], among which Cold Fusion was present.

Only one of these news, should have caused panic in news agencies.

Companies already blooming on Eldorado already cleared.

A few days after the NIWeek, held the International Conference on Cold Fusion, the ICCF17 in Daejeon. A new demonstration of Celani reactor has a fair impact. Between various paper presentations experimental and theoretical two companies presented the results of their reactor development: Brillouin Corporation (founded by Robert Godes) and Defkalion Green Technologies, while Nichenergy (an emanation of Pr Piantelli, a pioneer of Nickel Hydrogen Cold Fusion reaction) withdrew. Note that Celani himself is currently working with UK Startup "Kresenn Limited". And conspicuously absent from this conference was the odd Andrea Rossi and his company Leonardo Corporation.

Greek company Defkalion, in moving to Canada following the Greek financial disaster, presented results [DGTICCF] which confirms the industrial potential of Hyperion Cold Fusion reactor, based on a Nickel / Hydrogen reaction in gaseous phase at high temperature, and also transmutations.
Brillouin Corporation introduced [BrillouinICCF] other test results achieved with SRI (research center around Stanford [SRI]).

Only one of these news, should have caused panic in news agencies.

An odd Italian entrepreneur, but who started the race.

Andrea Rossi had caused a sensation by announcing in July [Prometeon] a new partnership with Italian company "Prometeon", conducted by Aldo Proia, formerly project manager for a producer of solar electricity, Energaya. Aldo Proia, conceded an interesting interview on this occasion.

Communication of Andrea Rossi, creator of the machine "e-cat", however remained chaotic, and remains highly questionable, given the strange personality and controversial past of Mr Rossi.

But note that this is a few months after proposing a partnership with Andrea Rossi to the company, that Defkalion breached his contract in June 2011 and presented in November 2011 [HyperionSpec] Cold Fusion reactor based on similar principles, but a more industrial.

It was also after before-sales contacts, yet unsuccessful, with Andrea Rossi during winters 2011, that National Instruments began communicating via Stefano Concezzi , hitherto zealous evangelist of Tokamak.

Only one of these news, should have caused panic in news agencies.

Reactors are not yet industrialized but startups are already focusing on applications.

End of June a conference in Virginia, ILENRS12, had seen the preparations for the revolution.
You could see a Startup from Switzerland, funded by an incubator around the EPFL in Lausanne, "LENR Cars Ltd" [LENRCarsILENRS] present his project of Cold Fusion car, based initially on a "Tesla S" frame, thermoelectric converters and a Hyperion-type reactor.

In April the company Kresenn from UK [Kresenn] was created with the aim to develop autonomous data center powered by Cold Fusion. She worked for several months with Professor Celani.

Only one of these news, should have caused panic in news agencies.

A robust scientific basis against a clear denial of reality.

This industrial technology efflorescence , based on research from Italy, and is not luck because ENEA and Italy globally it has remained a research safe haven for Cold Fusion, where was explored the track of Nickel-Hydrogen reactions in the gaseous phase at high temperature, the basis of current reactors.

ENEA today published a history of the Cold Fusion at ENEA [ENEACFHisto], without shame. To break down the wall of denial around 2002, it tried to publish a technical experimental report at the highest level, demonstrating the production of heat and helium4 in experiments like Cold Fusion [ENEAReport41]. It tried to propose an experimental result without interpretation or theory, but with the highest standards of metrology, and all driven by the Nobel Prize in Physics, Carlo Rubbia. Its report was rejected by all journals, all with different reasons each more ridiculous than the other, but on top of all, the most recognized of all: "Science" who politely say that this article was not "priority" [Report41Denial]. This article, which could not be doubted about credentials and quality, would shake the global physical and financial markets, therefore had no place in this magazine or in dozens of other less prestigious. Ridicule have no limit, even though it is theoretically explained [BenabouGroupThink].

To 2009 the research laboratory of the Navy (U.S. Navy SPAWAR) had also tried to pass the wall of denial by communicating about its numerous papers (published successfully in journals with peer review). They communicated on the FoxNews channel [SpawarConf]. I must say that in 1998 they had discovered a reproducible and replicable protocol for Cold Fusion [SpawarPeer], the Grail of science. This had no effect, and since the Cold Fusion research is prohibited SPAWAR.

On its website, the NASA GRC laboratory confirms the reality of the production of heat related to Cold Fusion [NasaGRC], and cites in its slides an old report from 1989 which already shows significant abnormal heat (experience much closer to the modern reactors ), but not looking for the cause by lack of curiosity. These experiments were reproduced in China in 2005, then in 2008 at NASA. We will not be surprised to see the Cold Fusion cited as one of the possibilities to propel clean aircraft [Nasa89Expe].

Only one of these news, should have caused panic in news agencies.

What arguments do we oppose these solid facts?

  • We are often told that cold fusion does not work, but as said National instruments, there are hundreds of different experience, which confirm the reality of the anomaly beyond all chemical explanation.
  • We are told that these experiences are not replicated, but the work of SPAWAR, and Iwamura, and even Fleischmann and Pons (see [Calorimetry]) were replicated. In a normal world, two good independent replication is sufficient to confirm.
  • We are told that many experiments have failed, but a failure in science is nothing more than a failure. Since then, cold fusion researchers have explained most of the failures by insufficient conditions to initiate the reaction. For others they observed a poor job of calorimetry [Calorimetry] or worse [MalloveMIT]. Finally they conceded that the metallurgical state of palladium is a key factor, difficult to control, except as by the SPAWAR co-deposition, as Italian researchers, nanoscale treated wires or powders , or as by Defkalion the use of treated foams [DGTFoam].
  • We are told that scientific papers are published in journals with peer review, but the SPAWAR [SpawarPeer] and others have managed to get the filter to publish in a few renowned journals.
  • We are told that the quantities of heat are not usable. This was true with the early electrolysis experiences , but this is not an excuse to ignore it's importance in fundamental physics. Since then, and as might be expected, progress has been made to produce large amounts of energy, with ratio of production much higher than 1, or like the Hyperion beyond the twenties, and with no surprises looking at the work of Italian researchers, like Celani, who had reported similar to fission performance.
  • We are told that the results of the manufacturers are not validated by independent authorities. This is true, but if we accept many scientific results, the recent validation, visible commitments or actors like National Instruments, the financial commitment of known people like Alexandros Xanthoulis of Defkalion (and its board of directors: [DefkalionBoD] Greek-Canadian Vancouver, former economist at the European Bank of Development in the development of the Balkans, that we need? What industrial company on earth is tightened to such a strain level of evidence in R&D phase? Should we not even consider the possibility of a revolution? And so to prepare?
  • And the last ironic argument, eminently circular, but bottom line, is that one advance as proof that this can not be true because : "so many people so smart could not make the same mistake by ignoring the Cold Fusion ! " We can see experimentally, as Roland Benabou Princeton with Enron, Challenger and the financial crisis, that this argument is flawed [BenabouDenial], and observe that there are simple mechanisms to explain this obstinacy [BenabouGroutthink].

A paradigm shift, a productivity shock and unpredictable beneficial consequences.

Once accepted the current situation it is time to analyze the consequences. The first reactors being developed by Andrea Rossi and Defkalion are already promising a revolution. The price should be around 100euro per kW thermal, with a low cost of fuel. Energy density and power is similar to that of nuclear fuel [Ragone], but the reactor is much simpler. Autonomy account in semesters. Beyond the fuel itself, which will remain a manufactured product, raw materials (classic Nickel Hydrogen ) are inexpensive and used in small quantities. Calculations allow to estimate that the replacement of all planet energy would consume few percent of the annual production of Nickel [Energy]. The only cost will be significant investment, and with the current estimated price, 6 months of world GDP would ensure the migration. There remains the problem of the price of turbines [Turbines], finally now more expensive than the reactors. But we can trust engineers to optimize their design to the low cost of Cold Fusion.

From all this we can estimate a division of the cost of electricity by a factor of 5 to 10, but also in terms of reduced power consumption that could allow a reorganization of production and the [Electricity].

If Cold Fusion today seems quite ready to replace heat sources throughout the economy, as well as in power generation, marine, and rail, the current state of the turbine technology does not to be too optimistic in the short term in the field of road transport, air and space. However as NASA [SugarNasaBoeing] or "LENR Cars Ltd" [LENRCars], we can estimate that it is less a matter of one or two decades before the first road vehicles or aircraft are qualified.

From all these facts and calculations, it is clear [Impact] that we are on the verge of a complete change of energy paradigm, a productivity gain of over 10%, a drastic reduction of pollution, CO2, costs incurred, to which can add the unpredictable impact of unknown applications on developed countries, emerging or poor [CFFuture].

This is the time to be interested!

For these few reasons, and hundreds of other facts consistent, I would like to draw your attention to the field of Cold Fusion, which deserves your interest, and may be an opportunity to differentiate yourself, see acquire an "aura of pioneer" in a competitive world.

This is the strategy that seems to be the National Instruments and I think it will pay off.

No one needs is our word, or display any faith. The simple act of questioning, questioning the facts, find industry contacts, registration legal documentation databases, organize a debate is already sufficient for the truth to come out.

There is no doubt that friends who wish you well soon contact you to convince you of the folly of this approach. This is what happened to Mr Papandreou has not taken the offer of Andrea Rossi, leaving Alexandros Xanthoulis present himself [EarlyDGT]. This is what happened to investors seeking to finance Prof. Hagelstein after the success of the NANOR at MIT IAP [NanorMITSuppression], who turned back on the advice of "friends" at MIT.

In April 2009 when Robert Duncan, head of the University of Missouri was commissioned by CNBC "60 minutes" to investigate the results of cold fusion, he found it ridiculous, but checked, and since it is a outspoken supporter of Cold Fusion and the upcoming conferences on Cold fusion will take place at the University of Missouri [Duncan].

I bet that you will keep your independence of mind, and your chance.

We're listening.

This document is studded with references, mainly to www.LENRforum.eu site, which contains background information, external links, that should confirm what I have advanced. You will also find a few people to answer your questions, if any, or otherwise redirect you to the right people, experts, business leaders, scientists, around the world.

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