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Defkalion will publish a paper in a peer-reviewed magazine

Great announce in a quick answer by DGT.

Two of their scientist are preparing a paper in a peer reviewed magazine, with results and models that will give answer about how the reaction starts...However, knowing the delay to publish, read, re-read, review,update, re-review... Be patient : in my humble opinion, it can take 12 month... I hope less.

The next guess will be the name of the magazine. I could think of "Naturwissenschaften", because they have an LENR editor (Ed Storms). Another magazine will be a political breakthrough.
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Defkalion GT wrote:

Dave wrote:When an electrical discharge is applied to H2 I would assume that you end up with a lot of ions of H. Do you ultimately get the Rydberg hydrogen atoms as the ions recapture electrons?Does a technique of this nature yield the same energy level for the Rydberg atoms or do you use atoms of many defferent energy levels? Is the actual energy level of the Rydberg atoms critical? Are many rejected by the NAE because they do not posses the correct energy?

Dear Dave,
obviously we can not answer at present to such very good questions in open, without an NDA.
Some important results, related with your questions, will be presented within a paper we prepare (to appear in a peer reviewed scientific magazine, signed by two of our researchers) where both simulation results and experimental data indicate the answers you
are expecting.

Thank you


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