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DoD, DARPA and Cold Fusion/LENR ? are they watching or trying to save USA industry?

The recent article of EnergyCatalyzer3.com on McKubre interview revealed that he was asked to test LENR reactors technology.

One of the top cold fusion researchers, Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI or the Stanford Research Institute; said he has tested between 12 and 15 low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technologies for the United States government. If that wasn’t enough, McKubre said his team was able to replicate at least five of those technologies.


This is a preview of Leading Researcher Says he has replicated at Least Five LENR technologies for US Government Admits working for DARPA.

This very interesting article question what is the awareness and strategy of US DoD/DARPA and the US military labs and agencies.

Historically one of the first military lab was China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center, led by Melvin Miles,  who reported not only anomalous heat bu also He4 correlated to the heat (1996). Miles, thanks to the courage of the management facing the physics lords of real Science, was thanked by being moved to the stock and decided to retire. (for description of his work, there are paper on LENR-canr.org, and nice explanation in the book Excess Heat of Charles Beaudette). (Note that his He4/Heat correlation was a collaboration with Benjamin Bush of Univ. Texas Austin, done in double blind.hard to challenge for honest critic.)

The huge research work of US navy SPAWAR  is well known and this conference describe well their researches :

They achieved interesting results, with co-deposition electrolysis and CR39 particles detection, filed patents, and produced 2 dozen of peer-reviewed papers. Sadly LENR research have been closed at SPAWAR in 2011 after the boss changed. Results are anyway still there, and on one side Pamela Boss is still active on the academic Scene, while few former member of the lab work in a startup "Global Energy Corporation" to develop a LENR-fission hybrid reactor called GeNiE.

Currently very active is the US navy Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), which works with SRI and Italian new energy agency ENEA. They cross-replicates experiments, and failed to replicate Mitsubishi and Toyota experiments. Some noticed that this failure to replicate, with claims of very abnormal contamination after a visit, could be interpret as either fraud of Mitsubishi researcher Iwamura  side (however replicated, by Toyota), or by a strange war to decredibilize Japanese achievement.

This anecdotal point is not to forget since it may spot a real an serious war to maintain US domination on energy, thus on LENR. An open question, but to keep in mind when observing facts. After all, E. Snowden leaks on PRISM mostly proved that US homeland security resources were used mostly of industrial spying, which is a more intelligent use of public money in my opinion.

This is where you will notice the proximity between SRI, and military labs, either from NRL or for DARPA replication as McKubre describe them. Is SRI a military lab, working for US energy independence ? Not officially, but US government is used to delegate mission to competent private actors, and why not using a competent lab to maintain US leadership in energy. It would be intelligent.

DARPA itself is publicly funding LENR research, including collaboration with ENEA, but hides that under funny terms looking like nanotechnology...

Description: The Fundamentals of Nanoscale and Emergent Effects and Engineered Devices program seeks to understand and exploit physical phenomena for developing more efficient and powerful devices. This includes developing devices and structures to enable controllable photonic devices at multiple wavelengths, engineering palladium microstructures with large deuterium loadings to study absorption thermodynamics and effects, enabling real-time detection as well as analysis of signals and molecules and origin of emergent behavior in correlated electron devices, and developing stabilization and scale-up methods to fabricate high pressure crystal structures at low pressures.


I imagine that part of the funding is for NRL, but I have not found evidence. As McKubre say, it also goes to SRI...

Now, let's go back in time in 2009 and look at an interesting document, a memo of Defense Inteligence Agency (DIA-08-0911-003) :

In 1989, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced that their electrochemical experiments had produced excess energy under standard temperature and pressure conditions. 6 Because they could not explain this physical phenomenon based on known chemical reactions, they suggested the excess heat could be nuclear in origin. However, their experiments did not show the radiation or radioactivity expected from a nuclear reaction. Many researchers attempted to replicate the results and failed, As a result, the physics community disparaged their work as lacking credibility, and the press mistakenly dubbed it "cold fusion." Related research also suffered from the negative publicity of cold fusion for the past 20 years, but many scientists believed something important was occurring and continued their research with little or no visibility. For years, scientists were intrigued by the possibility of producing large amounts of clean energy through LENR, and now this research has begun to be accepted in the scientific community as reproducible and legitimate.

The conclusion is quite heretic compared to Wikipedia/SciAm consensus. But that is not the most shocking for a consensus true-believer:

Although much skepticism remains, LENR programs are receiving increased support worldwide, including state sponsorship and funding from major corporations. DIA assesses that Japan and Italy are leaders in the field, although Russia, China, Israel, and India I are devoting significant resources to this work in the hope of finding a new clean energy source....

So now, what can we imagine ?

One possibility is to interpret the labs working on LENR, the DARPA funding, as local decision by very few open-mind decision makers, tolerated by the establishment as sometime crazy decision are valuable. This is the concept of "Senior Fellow" that you find in some company like IBM, people having total freedom in their budget because they have proven they were smart, yet uncommon. Budget are short but last as long as the boss last.

Another possibility is that some group of aware decision makers, are perfectly conscious like us, about the importance of that technology. they however are absolutely conscious that this research is heretical and that politicians will never take the risk to be ridiculed by academics mindguards. So they have a strategy to stay discrete. Few labs are supported, funded. Beside that some black-ops are launched, to discredit non -US competitors, to steal some secrets.

What shocked me in McKubre speech, is that he have tested many reactor technology, including some which are normally protected. Don't imagine that Defkalion, Nichenergy, Rossi, have shared their IP with Brillouin, euh... with SRI? At the same time I know there are some black-ops, by spies or by academics, to steal intellectual properties from non-US companies.

None of my hypothesis are fully coherent, and there is even less evidence, but we have not to forget we live in a new geostrategy because of LENR.

Whoever is aware of LENR impact on economic, on the global  balance of power, should, should know they have to have a strategy to stay dominant, or opportunities to became dominance.

What looks strange today, is maybe simply the new Cold War of Cold Fusion...

And please no oil conspiracy... That is not what the strange facts shows.


Published on 28th January 2014 AlainCo By AlainCo (alainco@lenrnews.eu)

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