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"As you know, I started a petition to attempt to get the Department of Energy (DOE) to investigate Cold Fusion, better known as LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction). I wrote:

“Few people realize the apparent huge strides that have been made in LENR (Cold Fusion) device development. (Read about it here and here.) While this has gone on the DOE has sat by doing nothing. Sometimes big bureaucracies just can’t fully figure out the key things that they should be working on. It’s a case of not seeing the forest because of all the trees. While the DOE spends billions regulating and sponsoring work related to fission reactors, oil, natural gas, wind, solar, and so on – they have neglected to even acquire a single LENR device and test it. And they have not sponsored any research for others to do this either.”

So the good news is that a few days ago the DOE, through their ARPA-E programs, is now seriously considering providing funding to Dr. George Miley for a device he claims is based on LENR. George Miley is a well respected professor who has done nuclear fusion research, and he ran the University of Illinois Fusion Lab.

This is would be a good start by the DOE, but they should do much more. They could contact all of the companies that claim to have LENR devices working and ask if they can test them. It would not be that hard. You measure the electrical input power with meters, and then you measure the net thermal energy output. Then you weigh the reactor to see if there was a weight change that could suggest a nuclear reaction took place (e-mc2 tells us that mass will be lost). And finally, you do a chemical analysis of the input fuel and the left over materials after the thermal energy production stops. If transmutation of one material into another took place, like nickel turning into copper, this should be evaluated for its implications.

The DOE spends hundreds of millions of dollars on solar cell companies, and the market potential of these devices is shaky  Why can’t the DOE spend a couple of million dollars testing claimed LENR devices and then let the world know what is going on? This is potentially save the planet kind of stuff. Jeez, I wish they would get on it."

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