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Defkalion leaving Greece! ?

Significant email from Xanthoulis (Defkalion)


Defkalion Green Technologies is hard and and continuously working for the last two years to achieve the huge in usability phenomenon of cold fusion (LENR) which has the potential to change positively the global energy environment,
by setting Greece in the epicenter of this and giving our country a new dynamic for economic growth.
Noteworthy that similar research efforts take place around the world, creating a race where Defkalion seems to lead.
Our company is upon it's most critical decision up to now.
Having spent our own resources, having created a group of loyal to the project Greek proffesionals (technicians, scientists, proffesors, economists etc) while not receiving any government support on our efforts, so far on our vision Greece was first.
Many claimed that cold fusion is something impossible, let alone get done by a Greek company. The reality has prooved thas was not. Organizations like EU,(European Commission and European Parliament), NASA, US Navy, publicly traded companies from America, Canada, Germany and England and universities abroad have visited us and have turned their attention to our achievements. We believed that we will succeed and ultimately vindicated.

Trying to "secure" that international prestige innovative technology for Greece, the last three months we communicate with investors by the term "We STAY in Greece."
Unfortunately the difficult and unpleasant situation that our country is undergoing finds investors negative. There follows the most critical during our existence decision. To have to leave our country so that another country benefits from our worldwide invention.

We have very favorable proposals from Australia, Switzerland and Canada which we take into consideration.

We thank those who believe in change and a better future.

Defkalion Green Technologies

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