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E-cat: there are measures in place

August 27, 2012

Statement by the Vice Rector for Research Dario Braga and the Director of the Department of Physics Paul Capiluppi

Following the statements appeared in some media about an upcoming release from the University of Bologna results of measurements made on the device called "E-cat" Mr. Andrea Rossi, the Vice-Chancellor for research, Professor Dario Braga, and the Director of the Department of Physics, Professor Paul Capiluppi, reiterated to the press as early as January 2012, and that is that there is no formal relationship between the University of Bologna and the EFA srl and that there is no measure in place or there are in the equipment program called "E-cat" Mr. Andrea Rossi at the University of Bologna. Bologna University insists, however, the full availability to make available its expertise and equipment to perform measurements on the production of heat by the apparatus to the condition that the results are public and undisclosed. 

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