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Lattice Energy LLC – “Revolutionary LENRs Could Power Future Aircraft and Other Systems”

Lewis Larsen, one of the co-promoter of Widom-Larsen-Srivastava theory, CEO of Lattice Energy LLC published yesterday slides about LENR application for planes, and further, bringing new documents and ideas.

You can read his slides on Slideshare : "Revolutionary LENRs Could Power Future Aircraft and Other Systems"


Lattice Energy LLC - Revolutionary LENRs Could Power Future Aircraft and Other Systems - Feb 16 2014 from Lewis Larsen

His slides goes further than my preview article on the same subject : "About NASA research : Are Cold Fusion/LENR Planes already feasible?"

Lewis Larsen starts from the NASA work, SUGAR report and recent Wells seedling project, that I discussed earlier.

One of his very interesting finding is that report published by AIAA : "Impact of Advanced Energy Technologies on Aircraft Design"

This report, authored from California Polytechnic State University by Robert A McDonald, consider using Brayton cycle engine, and consider high altitude long endurance (multi-year) drone. I could not find the detail of the article (paywal), but the simple existence and subject is an event.

It remind us, that there are already electric planes, and drone, that could be adapter to LENR. There are also prototypes of single-person aircraft, micro-drones, which could benefit from high density energy source, provided the turbines are of the good size.

Further discussion goes to using LENR for cars, (crossing again one of my recent articl about cars) for home energy. He remind us that there are currently micro-turbines (sub kW) in development.

Crossing my previous article on energy for the battlefield, but being more ambitious he propose a vision of "starship troopers" style of equipment, based on emergy exoskeleton fed by LENR, and autonomous robots.

About Widom-Larsen-Srivastava theory

As people may have noticed, I evolved toward a skeptic position on Widom-Larsen-Srivastava theory. This theory have many supporters, including NASA LENR supporters.

Lewis Larsen in his numerous slides is explaining well the keys of that theory. The main key is that because of collective coherence effects, protons and electrons can acquire enough energy to merge into ultra-slow neutrons that are swallowed by neighboring nucleus, staying undetected. The energy dissipated as gamma is then absorbed by the coherent electrons.

The main idea, from Edmund Storms who convinced me, is that observed thermal/fast neutrons and hard gamma are 10^6 times less intense than expected. It seems impossible that a shielding be able to suppress so efficiently the gamma. Similarly even if the neutrons produced are ultra-slow and undetectable, they are thermalized as soon as they collide with any particle, and get visible. Even if slow neutrons are absorbed quickly by nucleus, it cannot be so efficient.

Ed Storms interpret the observations as there is no neutrons, nor gamma produced (except as parasitic reactions) by the reaction. He propose a 3-body reaction declined as : p+e+p (for NiH), d+e+d (for PdD), and p+e+d for the Pd+D+H reaction producing tritium... There is some missing link, and maybe more than 3 particles are involved.

Anyway discussion on theory is premature, and not so meaningful.

Lewis Larsen and his groups have raised very interesting facts, and ideas, and maybe some are valuable, even if as Edmund storms is convinced, the big picture is  probably different.

History will say who is right... but current time is to innovators, not theoretician, and Lewis Larsen vision of the future is worth reading for sure. Thanks to him for his enthusiasm and his hard work to communicate.


Published on  Feb 18th, 2014
By AlainCo (alainco@lenrnews.eu)

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