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March 10th, 2014, USA/Iowa, conference (RRTTC) : LENR: The Promise of Clean and Affordable Energy

A conference is planned for March 10th in Iowa, sponsored by RRTTC (the Recycling & Reuse Technology Transfer Center).

The flyer of the conference does not says much :

Join us for this presentation to learn about Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). This relatively new technology was discovered in 1989 by two electrochemists at the University of Utah. A few determined scientists around the world continued this research to fully develop this technology with a few small companies who are on the verge of commercializing products that use this technology. This technology allows controlled fusion of hydrogen into helium in small modular reactors that can fit on a table top. The result is abundant thermal energy, with no radiation dangers, no radioactive byproducts, and no combustion of fossil fuels. The cost of the hydrogen, the necessary materials and the catalysts are but a small fraction of the cost of traditional fossil fuels. Could this be the possible energy solution of the future?

Any information about who is RRTTC will be interesting.

RRTTC seems to be related to University of Northern Iowa. The conference is not hidden at all, available at the top of the current events.


Published on Feb 17th 2014
By AlainCo (alainco@lenrnews.eu)

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