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Hydrofusion:Wanted: Pilot Customer for ECAT 1 MW plant

Hydrofusion (relayed by ecat.com too) make a call for Pilot Customer of an ECAT 1MW.

Installation late fall 2012, and plant used as a showcase, in exchange of free installation and acquisition.
This may be the signal?

Wanted: Pilot Customer for ECAT 1 MW plant
10 Jun 2013

Hydro Fusion is looking for a Pilot Customer for the first ECAT 1 MW Plant to operate in Sweden. The customer will only pay for the energy produced by the ECAT, i.e. Hydro Fusion and Leonardo Corporation will take responsibility for all associated costs including: the plant itself, installation and any transportation costs. In return the Pilot Customer agrees upon

  • Scheduled Installation time by late fall 2013.
  • Hydro Fusion and Leonardo Corporation to use the Pilot Plant as a Showcase where external customers can be introduced to an ECAT 1 MW in operation.







Prepare yourselves


“Sit back, relax and prepare yourselves for the great news that the world’s been told.”


"Sit back, relax and prepare yourselves for the great news that the world's been told."

Cold Fusion Radio's James Martinez devotes a special broadcast to the recent third-party report on Andrea Rossi's E-Cat HT technology which confirms big anomalous heat from hydrogen-infused nickel powder.

Martinez rails against politicians for ignoring this, but offers avenues for people to get involved. He is particularly critical of US leadership, which has consciously turned away from cold fusion, also called low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), lattice-assisted nuclear reactions (LANR), and quantum fusion.

"This technology will be coming out, and those who have been in control for all these years, their days are numbered," says Martinez. "You the public are now in a position to take back your power. It is time to now assert yourselves onto your local officials who have failed us -- for not talking about it, not supporting it."

"There are cold fusion companies still looking for financing. That tells you how far and gone we are in terms of our priorities.

"Our leaders have failed us in informing the public on what is possible, and where our R&D money should be going."

"There is massive amounts of money being wasted on nothing."

Martinez walks listeners through Marshall McLuhan's Tetrad applied to cold fusion, to better understand the tectonic effects of this technology on our society, so that we do not become its slave.

This October he intimates the release of a huge news story on this subject matter, and that a well-known figure will publicly support the science and technology.

He also discusses the movie The Believers, a documentary on the early controversy of cold fusion, and its relevancy now that the Fleischmann-Pons Effect (FPE) is real. Martinez is featured in the film, soon to be released on DVD.

James Martinez interviews new energy researchers, scientists, policy makers, artists, and visionaries, individuals actively creating a new energy paradigm, on Cold Fusion Radio series at Ca$h Flow/Payday Show on Achieve Radio.

James Martinez is featured in 137 Films' documentary on the early controversy of cold fusion "The Believers", Winner of Best Documentary at the Chicago Film Festival.

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The Believers begins in March of 1989, when two respected scientists from the University of Utah stand in front of a wall of reporters; flashbulbs pop as the pair --- one shy, the other cracking jokes --- announce a startling claim: they can solve all the world’s energy problems using seawater, batteries, and the mysterious glass contraption they hold in their hands as they pose proudly for the US and international press. “Cold Fusion” is born. Within days, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann are on the cover of Time Magazine. But, only three short months later, their careers in tatters and their reputations ruined, they flee the country and cold fusion becomes synonymous with "bad science."  Everyone - the press, the public, and especially the mainstream science community -  assume Cold Fusion is dead.

But there are those who refuse to accept that. More than twenty years after the infamous event, a band of professional and amateur scientists, a high school whiz kid and a Hollywood-based internet DJ are confident that Pons and Fleischmann were right after all and Cold Fusion will save the world. They're The Believers.


Buy the movie (20$ )





Ecat independent test is out


http://ecat.com/files/Indication-of-ano ... device.pdf


The two test measurements described in this text were conducted with the same methodology on two different devices: a first prototype, termed E-Cat HT, and a second one, resulting from technological improvements on the first, termed E-Cat HT2. Both have indicated heat production from an unknown reaction primed by heat from resistor coils. The results obtained indicate that energy was produced in decidedly higher quantities than what may be gained from any conventional source. In the March test, about 62 net kWh were produced, with a consumption of about 33 kWh, a power density of about 5.3 · 105, and a density of thermal energy of about 6.1 · 107 Wh/kg. In the December test, about 160 net kWh were produced, with a consumption of 35 kWh, a power density of about 7 · 103 W/kg and a thermal energy density of about 6.8 · 105 Wh/kg. The difference in results between the two tests may be seen in the overestimation of the weight of the charge in the first test (which was comprehensive of the weight of the two metal caps sealing the cylinder), and in the manufacturer’s choice of keeping temperatures under control in the second experiment to enhance the stability of the operating cycle. In any event, the results obtained place both devices several orders of magnitude outside the bounds of the Ragone plot region for chemical sources.

Even from the standpoint of a “blind” evaluation of volumetric energy density, if we consider the whole volume of the reactor core and the most conservative figures on energy production, we still get a value of (7.93 ± 0.8) 102 MJ/Liter that is one order of magnitude higher than any conventional source.

Lastly, it must be remarked that both tests were terminated by a deliberate shutdown of the reactor, not by fuel exhaustion; thus, the energy densities that were measured should be considered as lower limits of real values.

http://ecat.com/news/3rd-party-report-s ... ssi-effect


Discuss www.lenr-forum.com



LENR-Cities to propose it’s project to Neuchatel (Switzerland)

On the website of LENR-Cities (LENR-cities.com), on the french version,  a short notice explain in French that they are currently submitting this project to the city and district (canton) of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Développer l'Industrie LENR 
Une énergie abondante, propre et économique ! 
Projet Suisse Nous le soumettons actuellement aux acteurs de la ville et du canton de Neuchâtel; 
Site projet Suisse en construction.

They start a swiss version of their site : http://lenr-cities.ch/

One page give, in french a clear explanation of their project :

Summary : LENR-Cities is a LENR Business factory, and activity intended to structure and develop cooperative activities with industrial purposes, focussed on applications of LENR technologies

Taking the form of a territorial (Cities) initiative (LENR), the ambition is to develop a "technology and industry growth pole" with actors of Neuchâtel district (canton). the design and production of high-tech devices, but necessarily of low final production cost, will demand excellence along all the value chain, from industrialization of the technology to the mass production, autonomous or designed to be integrated into products (consuming energy).

Toward an open energy source, clean and universal.

Join the ecosystem.

This announce is not about an agreement, but just about project proposed to local authorities

You have to notice that Swiss political system is mostly focussed at the local level, the "canton", and much less at the federal level. This explain why this local approach is simply adapted to swiss structure.

Neuchâtel is since long cited in LENR-Cities ecosystem as LENR-Cities headquarter, the "High tech heart of Switzerland", especially for micro and nano-technologies.




You can connect that modest annonce, with the one about LENR-Invest joining that ecosystem.

What mean that announce and other moves, is that, beside the Edisonian companies who are trying to develop the firsts LENR-reactors,  there are people who prepare to develop the second stage of the revolution, the revolution of application, the revolution of well-funded research, the revolution of an LENR industrial.

LENR-Cities try to address the question of transition, to accelerate innovation, and reduce the risk for innovators to be toasted by the war to come. Their management model seems based on modern corpus of innovation management knowledge (the business factory,...), and LENR-Cities founder are recidivist (some prefer to say experienced) in innovation.

Let us hope that it will success, and attract interest from various actors, who want to participate to the LENR revolution, either as application builder, as investors, as technology providers... that it will mitigate the risk of participating the revolution, through cooperation, resource and risk sharing, without individual actors losing property of their creations. Maybe it can even create dynamic markets of product, technologies, funding, avoiding LENR revolution to be slowly captured by big actors who control all the chain of value.

Wish them good vibrations...


lenr practical research 1

Publicerad den 13 maj 2013

Hi all

This is the continuation of my testing on LENR

Basic infos
there is 600 ml of tap water mixed with 2.5 grams of NaHCO3 (0.05 mole )
The cathode is Tungstene /lanthane 2.4 mm diameter and 1.5 cm length.
The anode is inox 3 mm diameter screw rod
Temperature of reaction start is 93 degrees

This time i will approach a mean to use the output gaz of the reactor.

So as you can see i have inserted the Security- buller inside the reactor in order to warm the water , so the vapor will not condensate in the buller, and get out almost unchanged.

In my previous test, i simply made some comparisons of heating between the reactor and the thermoplongeur.

This time i will try to get the best ratio of HHo ( which is anyway weak on this set up), and the vapor when i go above the boiling point.

So the idea is to get a "special mixed gaz " which i intend to inject directly in the carburator of a motor, and ignite it with a plasma sparkplug.

Next step is to thermically insulate the reactor , so the input power will be lower ??

Youp a nice challenge

Hope this will work, and if not i will try something else!!

good luck at all



LENR Institute


Publicerad den 14 maj2013

Wanting to establish a publically funded LENR Institute








The power of internet.

Positive thinking helps us move forward.

Sterling Allan makes a great volunteer work!
He reports frequently and puts his life to spread the message about and crazy/smart ideas.

We already know that he is an incurable optimist, but that's exactly the atetyden we need to have. Please see his show as entertainment, instead of facts. In the free energy field, there will always be dreamers.

One day it will happen.




New leap in ecosystem development with LENR-Cities and LENR-invest !

Hi, I relay on lenr-news that business news around LENR-Cities team, that I just published on the forum :

It is probably there the best place to discuss about that important event:


"LENR-invest", an investment company in LENR and new energies, is joining the ecosystem recently announced by LENR-Cities. After announcement of the partnership with Kresenn and Celani, It may be a significant jump, a new vehicle to drive investors, big and small, at last to invest on LENR revolution, on the big race and not on individual horse. Future will say, but sure these LENR teams bet on it.

Here is the short announce on their web-site LENR-Invest.com :


LENR-Invest and LENR-Cities tune their energies on LENR market.

Their teams are pleased to announce that they are partnering in order to grow the reach of their ecosystem by offering new capabilities to companies developing LENR applications.

Our joint offer addresses needs in funding and technology enablement by leveraging all capabilities of our ecosystem and partners.
For more details, please send an email to contact@lenr-invest.com or contact@lenr-cities.com.

The question now is how the industry and finance will react to that approach?

LENR-Cities does not propose a product or a technology, but follows an approach to develop new businesses that might based on what they experiment in a previous project. Their objective is clearly to accelerate the LENR transition.

I feel that it may raise much interest for various actors, because there is a need around sharing risk, sharing resources, role specialization, one-stop-shop, and allowing fair relationships between those new market actors.

There is no doubt that LENR will allow huge success, not only with LENR reactors, but even more with various LENR applications, however this new frontier of business will be bloody like any gold-rush. Maybe being member of a team of businesses will reassure the enthusiast yet careful actors. Probably more .

Note also that while most mainstream source still joke at LENR, while LENR fans still questions facts, those guys works to prepare, not a reactor, but an industry.

See also that article thay may explain why LENR developpement may need some "ecosystem fertilization" :