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Revolutionizing the Future of Battlefield Energy: Advanced Power Sources Based on LENR (George Miley) [updated-2013-01-31]


I fall today on that small news about an event in Washington this Monday.

I spotted a name among the Speakers:

Monday in Washington, January 27, 2014

REVOLUTIONIZING THE FUTURE OF BATTLEFIELD ENERGY. 1/27-29. Sponsor: Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA). Speakers: Thomas Trabold, Director, Center for Sustainable Mobility, ROchester Institute of TEchnology; George Miley, Professor, Nuclear Engineering Lab, University of Illinois; Swastik Kar, Professor of Physics, Northwestern University.

This is clearly our respected George Miley founder of LENUCO.

The description of the conference is not (of course) talking about LENR :

Revolutionizing the Future of Battlefield Energy

The Department of Defense is the single largest consumer of energy in the U.S., spending about $22 billion per year on energy. Now, however, reliable access to affordable and stable energy supplies poses a significant challenge for the military. This energy demand constrains the capabilities of our ground, air, and sea forces at home and abroad. The DoD has prioritized its responsibility to act in a more sustainable manner and has understood that changing current behavior could enhance military capability and provide considerable cost savings.

“By reducing the Armed Forces’ reliance on fuel, we aim to improve warfighting capabilities. We aim to reduce the risk to fielded forces as they move fuel through contested territory. In the process, we believe we will lower costs, promote good stewardship of natural resources, and contribute to national energy goals.”
— The Honorable Sharon E. Burke, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs

The Department must find ways to reduce energy costs and become more efficient. In the FY 2014 budget submission, the DoD continues to invest in metering and alternative energy sources like solar. This budget includes investments in research and development for more efficient ship and aircraft engines, longer-lived batteries for our ground-based communications systems, lighter batteries for troops to carry, and alternative energy sources to lessen dependence on oil in the future.

However George Miley's presentation is clearly on LENR :

11:00 AM Advanced Power Sources Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

I could not find any slides of the presentation, but the title allowed on the schedule and the fact that George Miley was not immediately arrested is a good sign.


The irony is that I've just published this synthetic article on DoD about LENR this morning.

One more reason to imagine that the DoD is aware of LENR.

UPDATE: not so sure, but... at least their weapon providers.

UPDATED on 31/01/2013:

GreenWin and Ecat suomi site found more information:

The conference is private funded, but welcome militaries and weapon manufacturers.

Ecat suomi, have found the brochure of the summit, with a more detailed description of the presentation by Miley:

Advanced Power Sources Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
“Currently, the state of practice power system is heavy, bulky, not efficient enough, and cannot function properly in some extreme environments. With LENR based heating source, the used fuel, such as H2 or D2, is virtually inexhaustible. The reaction products are mildly radioactive such as He4 from D-D reaction and the beta decay from possible transmutation, but with their short range, both products can easily be contained, thus lowering down the maintenance cost. The huge energy released in the nuclear reactions makes this an extremely compact, long-lived energy source.”

How you will benefit:

  • Learn how to optimize excess heat generation from nuclear reactions to provide energy
  • Look at encompassing sufficiency, surety, and sustainability to support critical missions
  • Demonstrating the potential for unlimited energy gain

George Miley, Ph.D
Nuclear Engineering Lab
University of Illinois


Thanks to both for enriching the data.


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