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New patent November 6, 2014 – Rossi

A reactor device includes a sealed vessel defining an interior, a fuel material within the interior of the vessel, and a heating element proximal the vessel. The fuel material may be a solid including nickel and hydrogen. The sealed vessel may be sealed against gas ingress or egress and may contain no more than a trace amount of gaseous hydrogen. The sealed vessel is heated with an input amount of energy without ingress or egress of material into or out of the sealed vessel. An output amount of thermal energy exceeding the input amount of energy is received from the sealed vessel. The fuel material has a specific energy greater than that of any chemical reaction based energy source.


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Italian professors and students create, patent and show LENR reactor

Big news in Italy, announced on Italian blog 22Passi by Daniele Passerini. Some professors, with students have build and patented a small LENR reactor.

Here is the translation of Danielle Passerini blog article on last message from hugh Abundo, the professor that lead the project:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cold fusion: study it in school and be seriousRepresentation of the 'Athanor' of the ancient alchemists

Last Thursday we all came to know that a group of professors in science, from Construction, Environment and Territory domain led the research on cold fusion in an Institute of Higher Education, the Leopoldo Pirelli in Rome, obtaining apparently technological achievements of the highest importance.

This outstanding interdisciplinary school project entitled "The sun in the laboratory" and the small reactor that was born, patented by IIS Pirelli, was baptized Athanor. Emphasize the non-random choice of giving that name to a device which are integrated electrochemical processes and nuclear reactions at low energy, in order to produce energy from hydrogen in turn contained in plain water. Athanor was the name of the alchemical furnace , since precisely the denial of death (Α-Θάνατος) represents the perpetual renewal of things through a process of transmutation.

So, on one hand the dream of ancient alchemists to transmute the elements through chemical reactions, on the other the discovery of the twentieth century, how the processes of transmutation belong to the realm of nuclear physics, until now two worlds believed do not communicate, find a new synthesis in the 21st century : the LENR as "middle way" between chemistry and physics.

A revolution is finally coming to light through such inventions as the 'E-Cat' by Rossi and 'Athanor' of IIS Pirelli. The other day I wrote to the secretary of the Foundation J.Von Neumann, to make contact with the Engineer Hugh Abundo, coordinator of The teaching team of IIS Pirelli involved in the project. In the wee hours of today, I received the answer of Engineer Abundo ...

As per the invitation of the sender, I am happy to share it with all the blog readers.

At last, Dr. Passerini!
Very pleased to meet you.

We finally could meet (on the web). So, I was a little 'looking through the J.Von Neumann Foundation's (Institute of Research in Artificial Intelligence) secretariat to contact your site, that I read with great interest for some time, appreciating the style with esteem.

It was my intention, through the blog, to invite your supporters to Congress in time for a direct exchange of ideas.
We can always fix it.

In a few days we will publish video recording of the entire conference, the presentation, the student interventions,the startup of the reactor, the hour and a half of confrontation through group discussion. And we will add a huge amount of technical material on the tests performed and future plans.

I'll let you a hint that it is an electrolytic reactor (type Mizuno or Iorio), but with the fundamental difference that it employs free nanopowders , untreated nor fixed on supports, which we were able to confine and to turn on in a totally innovative fluidized bed reactor .

Alternatively to those who make this kind of communication unfortunately vulnerable claiming yields usually denied by detractors, during the conference, anyway communicating what we have obtained (according to our interpretation of the measurements), a yields of the order of 400% and higher, we did not do a live demo of these measurements (we only turn on the reactor to communicate visually what it was), but communicate with one major news.

The news is that we have patented the powder cathode in the name of the school, so from now on no one only interested in personal gain can patent it.

The Public Institution, on the other hand, may provide the apparatus to allow experimentations, or only the license to use at ridiculous cost for the illustrated material for the self-construction and the best protocol of use.

We are a group of (teachers) engineers with sectoral capacities in radio-protection, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, and we have integrated our forces in this project (with the invaluable help of our students who have acquired considerable expertise in the field, although limited to educational aspects).

The patent function to the most open circulation, both of the building plans, and of tests and interpretations, in order to share information without fear that the reader patents himself what we tell ourselves, and subsequently prevent us and others to continue in promising directions.

We then challenged the critics to make their demanded measurements by themselves , and we check where they make mistakes, making available even to lend our unit to conduct the tests in our presence (to unmask even a manipulation of magician detractor !).

Currently we are catching our breath from the great commitment for the logistical organization of the event, and checking how the chain reaction evolves post-event, in terms of dissemination of news, possibly correct (but unfortunately we have detected minors errors of transmission). Soon we will work with you providing the said open information to help diffusion.

We are gathering around us professionalism which constitute the critical mass to break the wall of technological scientific and methodological difficulties, that have not yet allowed to explain the nature of the phenomena involved, and aim for a campaign of experiments specifically designed to catch the UNDERSTANDING of the phenomenon (perhaps aiming too high, but at least we will take few successful shot, maybe low, in the worst case, while aiming down usually capture only underground targets ...).

I suggest you access the site of the School: http://www.leopoldopirelli.it , in whose home is beginning to be a list, already no longer updated, links to references that speak of the event, which grow in number so fast that the boys in the preparation Internal not have time to be specified.

For immediate disclosure of this mail, with our appreciation for your work and who brings life to your blog, I, and the group that I coordinate, send you many cordial personal greetings.

Mr. Hugh Abundo

Coming soon new information on the Athanor of IIS Pirelli (still keep an eye on the comments on this post).

PS: Abundo adds :

"... it will possible immediately from your readers, for free, to get construction plans to build the reactor and run it, in order to open a campaign of free trials in order to achieve, and I hope to overcome soon, those yields we have presented.

The realization is not difficult and does not presents high costs, nor for the instrumentation, so that dozens of independent investigators may be involved.

Many cordial greetings, and forgive quick writing, but we're busy.

We hope the translation respect the authors intent.
Anyway the news is great. thanks again to Danielle Passerini, 22passi, and congratulation for IIS Pirelli.