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When, how and by who, will LENR Car be developed

Today an Italian blog feature an article of ibTimes from early 2013 (translated) about cold fusion car.

This is time to think about one of the most dreamed application of LENR to every day life : The Cold Fusion car.

The article of ibTimes talks if using E-cat technology to make hybrid-electric cars.

It discuss also of Dennis Craven Crowdsourcing campaign to develop a cold fusion car. I found no recent news about that project.

They did not discuss of the "LENR-Cars", the startup of Nicolas Chauvin, initially dedicated to that kind of project. It is only at inception state with general presentations. Their presentation for ILENRS2012, was already interesting to underatnd the potential. The video of Nicolas Chauvin Presentation for

show their strategy and achievement (patent, MFMP, studies) with more details...

Nicolas Chauvin is quite active in the community, and even proposed a Chinese Stirling engine manufactured to Rossi. He also applied for Arpa-E sponsored Ultraligh startup competition, but seems to have lost at 2nd turn.

His vision is quite evident, and match in fact the vision of NASA/Boeing SUGAR LENR plane:

  • A first step would be to design a LENR recharged electric car. For LENR-cars they think of a Tesla S, with some batteries replaced by a LENR reactor with Stirling engines.
  • A second step, with better technology, would be to design an hybrid car specifically with more powerful LENR group, and less batteries...
  • Finally when LENR and thermal engine or TEG get enough cheap, controllable and efficient, a full (or micro-hybrid) LENR propulsion group could be designed.

The vision of Rossi, expressed on his blog is that it will takes 20 years before it is affordable and safe. Of course the enthusiast like me hope it will be faster.

Rossi made good points anyway. It seems that LENR reactors today are less mature than what we imagine, and are not very controllable. The fact that there is no third party test claiming good COP raise concern about the current technology maturity of LENR.

Road vehicles are a very aggressive environment, with vibration, changing temperatures, crash and safety constraints, and it may trouble the LENR phenomenon until engineers work on that problem.

The price of thermal engine, turbines, TEG is today absolutely huge. I have discussed with some Car engineering experts and they say however that with mass production, the required thermal engine could go below 1000$ as it is the case for a car engine.

The cost of maintenance is also a problem,like the competence of the garage mechanics.

It seems reasonable to say that mainstream LENR cars will not be a reality before 20 years... maybe pessimistic?

Sure there maybe very specific niche markets. LENR-Cars seems to propose to share the same niche of luxury cars, as Tesla does.

Another niche market is corporate fleets, like for Postal services fleets, on-site maintenance fleets, and why not afterward, the car rental fleets. It is currently the other niche of electric cars.

Of course the niche market of military vehicle will be receiving that innovation as a benediction, because fuel is paid in blood during war, and they work on it.

My optimistic view is that 3-5 years after the first non industrial reactor get certified (home E-cat, Hyperion, downsized HHT) there will be prototypes as LENR-cars prepares...

Quickly it will be tested in the military niche market.

After few years some luxury cars will be designed from existing vehicles, and sold at awful price.

after 5 years probably there will be professional vehicles targeted to corporate fleet, with matching training and equipment for maintenance inside corporate garages.

And after 5 years more the first mainstream vehicles will be targeted to common people, based on corporate feedback and retraining of the garage mechanics.

We are not far from the 20 years Rossi does estimate...

Keep your diesel or gasoline car.


Published on 2 Feb 2014
By AlainCo (alainco@lenrnews.eu)

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